Why is owning a rustico so attractive? And what does it involve?

The charm and prestige of owning a rustico makes it a very attractive investment for many. These rural buildings, which once served the simple life of farmers, are now considered real gems. There are not many rusticos left that are suitable for renovation, both because of the bureaucracy involved in restructuring them and because of the territorial context in which they are located. In fact, rusticos are protected by the cantonal authorities and the ruins, which still remind us of the stone houses of the past, often need to be preserved and restored.

At that time, there were no electricity and water connections in the countryside, nor was the sewerage system what it is today. Those who have the courage to tackle the restoration of a rustico will come into possession of a very rare and sought-after property whose value will be difficult to establish. Why? Because the question will no longer be how high the bank will value your property, but how much a buyer is willing to pay to enjoy such a lifestyle.


What should be considered when restoring a rustico?

As already mentioned, the bureaucratic effort requires a lot of patience. The cantonal agricultural office, the departments of forestry and monument protection are involved and, depending on the geographical location of the ruin, other authorities. When applying for building permission, it is important to bear in mind that extensions are often only permitted for a small additional percentage of the volume of the existing building and that some basic features of the ruin must be preserved. For these reasons, it is advisable to consult architects and craftsmen who specialise in this type of restoration. Those who often deal with the bodies responsible for assessing the impact of renovations on the area and the craftsmen who know where to find the most suitable materials for restoration will be able to preserve these buildings in the best possible way and obtain the appropriate permits.


A hideaway far from the city.

Once restored and equipped with the comforts that few people would do without today, the rustico becomes a hideaway where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of city life. A place where you can enjoy nature, family, friends, but above all time, yes, time, to the fullest! In a context far from rules and obligations, where you realise that nothing depends on us but on the seasons, every moment becomes even more precious.

Everything slows down. The silence, the fine country air and these walls marked by simple everyday farming life invite us to reflect on the meaning of life and to realise what is really important.