I’m retiring and selling the family home

Retirement is for many the beginning of a new life.

We are often confronted with clients who are either already or approaching their well-deserved retirement, and who decide to sell their family home. This trend is due to several factors which we will list below.

One of these is certainly to be financially independent to live the years ahead with peace of mind.

Some of these customers want to travel or take up hobbies they could not cultivate in their youth. Others just want to move to another country and start a new life experience. These owners have raised their children and fulfilled their parental duties. Retirement is therefore the time to enjoy the best of life with maturity.

Another reason is proximity to services.

In other situations, when the family home is in peripheral regions, convenience plays an important role. Having all services close at hand makes life easier and sometimes customers in this age group prefer to travel on foot or by the public transport available near their homes. Even for shopping and entertainment venues, centres are preferred to the suburbs. There is a tendency to approach the future and to prepare for the possibility of no longer being able to drive a car.

The family home has become too big and demanding.

Once the children have grown up and live elsewhere, perhaps with their respective families, the family home is empty and too big for only two people. Years before, the children helped their parents with the upkeep of the house. Some cut the grass, and some helped with household chores. Even small jobs such as repairing a clogged sink or picking fruit from the fruit trees in the garden have now become too much work for some pensioners.

Enjoying a more luxurious lifestyle.

There are some retired clients who take advantage of the capital available from the sale of their property to live in luxury apartment complexes. These residences offer tennis courts, spas, a gym and much more to keep fit and socialise. There are other situations where the new dwelling cannot be described as luxurious, but for those who have decided to travel and spend a lot of time wandering around, this solution is perfect because it still allows them a high standard of living.

Retirement is a time of change, balancing and reflection. What is important is to live this period with serenity and thoughtlessness.