The features that characterise the best places to live

When we choose a place to live, in addition to the dwelling, we also choose the neighbourhood in which it is located. We have identified the five basic features that preserve and increase the value of a home. This is as true in our small Swiss territory as anywhere else around the globe.

Low crime rate

A low crime rate is certainly one of the first requirements when choosing a place to live. In large cities, crime is a sensitive issue, because there are often suburbs where security is less present than in residential areas inhabited by more affluent families. In so-called “rich” countries, such as Switzerland for example, one feels safe precisely because of the low crime rate.

Schools and universities

Schools and universities play an important role in the choice of where to live. It is where children can comfortably reach their school on foot or by transport that families prefer to stay. The more accredited these institutions are, the greater the advantages of living in these locations. Neighbourhoods close to an accredited educational institution also increase their long-term value. Precisely because of the presence of many children and adolescents, the district is patrolled more by police officers and monitored by public security, such as parents themselves for example, or by private security hired by the school.

Access to transport

Quick access to transport is a further factor in choosing the area in which one wants to live. More and more people today choose to avoid the car, preferring instead efficient public transport services such as trains, trams, buses, and the metro. Think also of younger people, who can feel more independent from their parents when going out with friends or going to school. For the elderly, it is just as convenient to have public transport near their homes, thus avoiding driving a car in modern-day traffic.

Green areas and parks

Green areas and parks where to socialise, play, jog or take a walk with one’ s dog are also an issue to be considered. Although some areas are small and very built-up, it is still possible to find neighbourhoods that have preserved their green lungs. It is in these places that generations mingle, and bonds are strengthened. It is pleasant to admire nature from the window and enjoy the view of a lake, the sea, or green hills.


Districts where services such as pharmacies, banks, restaurants, and shopping centres in general abound are very attractive and in demand. The more these services abound, the more prestigious the neighbourhood. Indeed, when a restaurant opens in a given district, or a bank decides to set up its branch there, it is because they both count on their target audience.

Hopefully, these features of the best places to buy real estate will help those who want to invest their money well.