The property finder-figure: hunting for real estate

The property finder is a professional figure that is increasingly in demand in real estate agencies. It is not enough to have professional knowledge, diplomas and the ability to put in place all the strategies that lead to the sale of a property to be a successful estate agency.

The property finder is the one who finds the right property for the specific requirements that are submitted to him. 

In an estate agency it is important to have the profile of the property finder; it is not always the case that people who come forward for a particular property will actually want to buy that property. Perhaps the location and architecture match, but the space may not. The price is right, but there is too much to invest for it to reach expectations. 

In short, the step of buying a house is an important one and the house for sale must therefore reach many or probably all expectations.

How to become a property finder

No need for schooling or qualifications. The property finder has an incredible network of contacts and cultivates his relationships with great care. He comes from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. He is a very communicative person who knows how to empathise immediately with his interlocutors. He’s that person who always knows everything about everyone and has such a charismatic, attentive and listening personality that for those in front of him, telling becomes a spontaneous action. 

The property finder has above-average emotional intelligence. He has an infallible memory, is well versed in body language and the basic principles of communication. You will often see him at events, parties, openings and wherever there is a chance to meet new people. Every occasion becomes an opportunity to bring in the right property for that particular client who is looking for it.

The property finder knows the value of his contacts and valuable information. He knows exactly how to reach the homeowner, who has not yet commissioned anyone to sell; usually it is because he is still evaluating the right real estate agency, the one with the best performance, offering him the best contacts and services. 

Unlike the real estate referral, who, in exchange for a small percentage of the sale proceeds, recommends an estate agency to his acquaintances who wish to sell their home, the property finder works exclusively on the targeted search for a specific object, for a specific client and, uniquely, for a specific real estate agency.

The differences between a classic real estate agent and a property finder

The job of a classic estate agent involves many processes, and it is by no means self-evident that all the daily tasks can always be fulfilled. These include visits, acquisitions, on-site inspections for the valuation, preparation of sales documents, certifications from technical offices, organising the professional photo and video shoot with the drone, when the weather is on our side; then drafting an attractive sales dossier, in four languages, perfectly translated. In the meantime, responding to customer enquiries: during the week no later than four hours after the enquiry and on weekends and holidays no later than eight hours. 

The figure of the property finder, on the other hand, only deals with the targeted search of customer requests.

In addition to these two figures, an agency should also offer its clients the advice of one or more architects. This is useful for taking measurements, redrawing plans and dimensioning them so that the square metres are displayed accurately. It is indispensable for checking the feasibility of certain improvements, budgeting them or producing photorealistic renderings of the highest quality.

Homeowners expect the sale of their property to be quick and profitable; therefore, in addition to the professionals mentioned above, Jetika Group also provides an interior design professional: the home stager.