A few amateur photos, a simple description and I’m selling without an agency!

Many people still think that selling a property is easy and that all it takes is taking a few pictures, briefly describing the property’s features, and placing the advert on an online real estate platform. Well, unfortunately this is not the case. It may have worked years ago, but it no longer works that way today. Those who believe that selling a property is a simple process have probably never sold or bought before times changed.

The function of the real estate agency

The real estate agency and its sales agents play a crucial role in the successful negotiation and closing of the sale. The real estate agency offers real estate channels ranging from the usual Swiss platforms to foreign channels, including all the luxury ones. But the presentation of the property is probably the most important point in order not to devalue the property. Having respect for one’s property, relying on professionals who know how to present it in the best possible way, will ensure the success of the sale or purchase. In our sector we often see adverts with poor appeal, with crooked, dark photos and sometimes we really wonder why people have so little regard for their property. But the question these owners should ask themselves is why buyers should value it.

The real estate agent also acts as a go-between during the price negotiation, and this is not an easy thing. If you make a mistake at this delicate stage, you can screw up all your work. For emotional and impulsive people, negotiation is best entrusted to professionals who know how to react appropriately. Salespeople know exactly how to negotiate and achieve the agreed price.

Agency commission

The sticking point is always the agency commission. The agency commission is the agency’s fee for anticipating the costs of the photographer, the costs of editing the video of the property, the costs of advertising campaigns, the costs of translations of the sales advertisement, the costs of the worldwide presence of the object for sale, the costs of salaried personnel, the costs of time during inspections, the costs of answering enquiries, the costs of collecting and studying documents, the costs of the architect who often has to redraw the plans, and many other costs.

The profession of real estate agent has lost its charisma over the years. Property owners should understand that the agency fee is only paid if the sale or purchase is successful.
There are not many other professions in Switzerland where fees are only paid in the event of success.

If you are thinking of selling your property, we would be happy to introduce you to our marketing strategy for a successful sale.