Selling your home through an estate agency: 3 questions to ask to choose the right one

Real estate agencies are not alike. There are often substantial differences and not all owners can grasp them. The reputation of the agency is the first requirement to check. Every owner should ask the agency the right questions before giving it the mandate to sell. But let us see which ones these are.
Who will you contact for the sale of my property?

Every property has a well-defined audience of potential buyers. If we are talking about a property that can only be sold as a primary residence, we will have to address a local audience or actively seek out those who are willing to move permanently to our territory. If, on the other hand, we are talking about a property that can also be sold as a secondary residence, we can extend the proposal to foreign countries within the limits set by the Federal Law on the Acquisition of Real Estate by Persons Abroad (LAFE). The database of potential buyers varies from agency to agency; it is therefore possible that the property for sale does not even have to go on the market to be sold. Agencies working with high-performance management systems have the possibility of finding a buyer immediately. Just enter a few details about the property and within seconds the names of those who are looking for a similar property in terms of square footage, location, number of rooms, price and more will appear on the management system.

What is your marketing strategy?

The marketing plan is crucial for the sale of real estate. The agency commission also depends on it. Being present with standard and luxury real estate portals covering much of the globe is definitely an advantage. Using Google’s artificial intelligence and proactively searching for buyers is equally important. How the value of the property will be perceived by the public is fundamental, which is why photographs must be professional. The agency must be able to offer the property in multiple languages to increase the pool of interested parties. Subscribing to international networks, especially in luxury, also brings many benefits for sellers. These “memberships” amplify the visibility of real estate objects by positioning them not only online via the web, but also in internationally renowned newspapers. An exclusive tool, such as a company magazine where properties for sale are published and distributing it in strategic areas or locations, helps the promotion of the object for sale.

How will you handle the visits?

The agency must be able to perceive already during the first contact with the potential client whether the property is in line with his search, or whether it is a less serious request. By means of a well-defined process, through specific questions, the agency will propose a visit or not. Owners must be protected, and their privacy respected at all times. There is no point in bringing homeowners clients who cannot afford to buy certain goods, or who have different needs. The work of the agency cannot be measured by the number of visits made, but rather by the careful selection of potential buyers. Speaking the buyer’s language can make all the difference. Putting the buyer at ease and thus empathising will facilitate the sales process.

So, carefully choose the agency best prepared to sell your property and be demanding!